How I can help you.

I am a trained professional coach who specialises in helping young people with personal development in life and study skills that allow you to achieve great results at the HSC and university. Coaching means having a mentor who takes an interest in your progress. I very much look forward to working with you on the practical and emotional aspects that would allow you to balance your school and personal life.

  • A coach can help you to:

    Develop time management and organising skills

    Develop invaluable study and exam skills

    Cope with performance anxiety

    Overcome procrastination

    Boost motivation

  • Become an outstanding young person

    Tap into your skills

    Find your focus

    Clarify your career ambitions

    Power through your HSC


I will offer you an individualised program that is geared towards positive change and growth.
Learn how to shape your world.

Sue Stewart is a Master of Psychology of Coaching and Human Resource Management and a Master of Business in Employment Relations. She specialises in helping young people in years 11 and 12 and at university discover their enthusiasm for learning.

Enquire now for an introductory offer for this coaching opportunity to occur.

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